Hello, my name is Agnel Nieves, I'm a

Graphic Designer^1000

UI/UX Designer^1000

web Developer^1000

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About Me

smiley emoji Hello. My name is Agnel Nieves, I'm a computer scientist living in Miami Florida. I design and develop state-of-the-art, user-friendly websites and applications. I also design meaninful logos and branding assets to further value businesses.

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What I do

Web Development

As a web developer I have experience working with websites, web apps and CMS systems. Some of my main development skills include html, Javascript, Wordpress (CMS), AngularJS and CSS development.

Graphic Design

As a Graphic Designer I have experience working with the latest Adobe CC programs, mainly PhotoshopCC, InDesignCC and IllustratorCC. I like to keep my work clean and consice by implementing the latest design trends.


I've always had a thing with UX/UI design. I believe is really interesting how the design of the user interaction and the User Interface is brought up to life during the development process.


Advil Puerto Rico Microsite

Advil microsite

Advil PR, Web

Stories on The Go App design

UI design

agnelnieves, UI

Foodiverse app design

PUPR, ui

Banco Popular CMS Concept

BPPR CMS concept design

PUPR, ui

Borden Puerto Rico Website

Borden web dev

Technoandlogic, Web

TechnoandLogic Website

Website design and development

Technoandlogic, Web

Chilis PR Website

Chilis website

Pixnabi, Web

Liberty Business Website

Web development

Liberty PR, Web

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Drop me a line on agnelnieves@gmail.com, it doesn't matter if it is for an interview or just for a cup of coffee, I enjoy meeting new people wink emoji
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